Wednesday 25 May 2011

Just Because

This came on the iPod last week when I was driving up the road from Nottingham and at first I had no recollection of who it was but as soon as the penny dropped I decidied that the whole album warranted a play.

I think that along with Selected Ambient Works volumes 1 & 2 this is Richard D James' most accessible work and although it was very of it's time it still sounds essential today and the clear vinyl looks great on the turntable.

In other news, even the ash cloud which seems to have moved away from Scottish airspace could not stave off the cull as contingency plans were put in place for those who could not travel to Scotland tomorrow to be informed of their fate by other means.

Roll on tomorrow!

Polygon Window - If It Really Is Me

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Simon said...

Coincidentally SAW vol 1 popped up on the Pod today. It's odd, it sounds really dated, and yet it's gone so far through dated that it's come out sounding fresh. That muted old cassette sound sits it along side Boards Of Canada rather nicely