Friday, 3 April 2009

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance (mebbe?)

How does a little early 70's Jazz Funk grab you?

Know hardly anything about this apart from the original piece of music was by Richard Strauss and known to millions from its use to great effect in 2001. This version seemingly won a Grammy in 1973.

I have absolutely no fucking idea how you would dance to it, apart from badly but it is as funky as fuck.

I think that the sleep deprivation of the past week and the sunshine yesterday have affected me.

I know of one person who will despise this as the 2 words Jazz and Funk are possibly his 2 least favourite words in the English language and when used together is enough to induce a state of apoplexy, reason enough to post I think.

Enjoy or possibly not.

Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra


Planet Mondo said...

Love this. I used whack it on to comp tapes next to Lalo Schifrin's Jaws - the Fatback Band's Fatbacking also makes use of the 2001 horn riff...

Ctelblog said...

Jazz. Funk. Horrible, horrible word combination.

Simon said...

A mate of mine had one thing to say about jazz funk. "Rhymes with spunk. And you wouldn't want to put that in your ears"

dickvandyke said...

Perhaps Herbie Hancock could fuck some sense ito him Simon?

Nice to see you again, Drew old lad.