Sunday, 19 April 2009


I've finally succumbed to pish TV.

For years I used to denigrate people who came into work or the pub and talked about Big Brother, X Factor and the rest of those shitty, easy to make mindless programmes. The only thing worse than a talent show type programme was the "celebrity" spin off versions. How could people get worked up about these programmes ? I used to ask myself.

That was until I started watching Hell's Kitchen.

Last week I was outraged about the Met (or as Conflict used to describe them "The Ungovernable Force") with their lies and further lies to conceal their crowd control tactics and yet another death of an innocent man. Although as someone who has frequented more than a handful of demos, I do not understand why people are surprised in the way that the police deal with the people who pay their fucking wages.

This week I find my blood boiling and my rancour directed towards possible the smuggest couple I have ever seen in my whole life, Grant Bovey and Anthea Turner. They make Neil and Christine Hamilton look like reasonable, modest people.

I am really disappointed in myself. There are so many things that I could be angry about at the moment, but I am am raging over a woman who sees herself as some sort of domestic goddess and used to to on kids TV and some twat of whom I know nothing apart from the fact that he is married to afore mentioned ex kids TV presenter. L tells me is he is a successful business man. I would probably use the C word to describe him, however L reads this shit and would skelp me for using that word.

I think that I may have reached a new low in my life, letting such trivial, unimportant people get to me.

Scanners - Lowlife


Ctelblog said...

Sadly, this is one reality show to which I am also hooked. What was going on in Jodie's head? The series is much more intense and claustrophobic with Marco doing the sackings. I jst love the way Grant refers to himself in the third person...

Ahem, back to serious techno.

JC said...

I missed it all!!! Wasnt able to join in with the babble in the office at any point in time.

I remain culturally superior to the dynamic duo of dancey sort of stuff. Hurrah!