Monday 7 September 2020

Monday's Long Song

A bit of early 70s  underground Australian rock this morning. For the full low down on Coloured Balls head here.  G.O.D. comes from the album Summer Jams, a record of the band's set  at the 1973 Sunbury Festival where they took to the stage at 03:30 and is a pile driver of a track all wanky soloing, feedback and a driving beat which goes on for 16 minutes and which never outstays it's welcome. Great stuff, I just hope the audience were conscious enough to appreciate it, no way that they could have slept through it but as it was the early 70s and a festival, heads may have been mashed or brains somewhere else completely.

Coloured Balls - G.O.D

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The Swede said...

My God that was a bracing racket. Never heard of them - marvellous stuff.