Thursday 12 September 2019


Yesterday a live version, recorded at a gig on the Renfrew Ferry that I attended, of the track posted came on and it gave me quite a jolt, firstly it hit me again that there would never be a chance to feel that buzz and relief of seeing MES wander on stage mid song, select a mike and slur the immortal words "good evening we are the Fall . . . " Then I started to smile as I remembered how amazed I was that night in March 2008 as I never thought there was a chance that I would hear this incredible song live as it had been released as the b-side of Kicker Conspiracy some 25 years earlier and I knew Smith's feelings about playing things from his back catalogue.

One thing about Smith, he could always surprise you. Or to paraphrase John Peel " That's the thing with the Fall, you never know what your what your gonna get , at may not be what you want but it is what you need"

The Fall - Wings

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