Tuesday 10 September 2019

This Strange Effect

I do like a good cover version, even when I'm not aware that the version I am listening to isn't the original until I read the credits or someone else informs me that it is a cover version. In this instance I became aware that This Strange Effect was a cover was from a comment by Johnny TFL when I first posted a track by the young Brooklyn duo who first met in high school.

The track was penned by Ray Davies but a studio version by the Kinks was never officially released, however a BBC session was included in a couple of compilations. The song has been covered a few times, originally by Dave Berry in 1965 when it reached the low end of the top 40 in the UK but Number 1 in the US. The Shacks version was released  on The Shacks ep which is well worth tracking down.

The Shacks - This Strange Effect


The Swede said...

A song I've long been very fond of, though I've never run into this rather lovely version before. Two favourite covers of This Strange Effect in my own collection are...

FurryBootsCityBoy said...

The Shacks version is good but I prefer Dave Berry. Did you know he went on TOTP wearing socks. And "The Crying Game" was fab!