Thursday 7 March 2019

You Don't Know

Ellie Greenwich is responsible for some of the greatest moments in pop music, there can be no dispute about this it is just a fact. Whether that be with her one time husband Jeff Barry and Phil Spector or later, on her own. She was also responsible for a single that inexplicably bombed in 1965.

Greenwich very rarely recorded here own material but in 1965 she released a single containing two absolutely sublime songs, the up tempo Baby which was later claimed by the northern soul scene and has therefore been bootlegged and is possible to get a hold of on vinyl. The other side, the heart wrenching You Don't Know on the other hand is only available these days on a couple of compilation albums as the original Red Bird single is impossible to find. Shadow Morton's production is nothing short of perfect on this song.

Ellie Greenwich - You Don't Know

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The Swede said...

Love it. It must've been tempting to end on another belting crescendo, but the way it just fades into the distance is perfect.