Monday 12 February 2018

It's All Over

This is a gorgeous piece of Northern Soul that was big on the scene, especially in Cleethorpes in 1975 making it very nearly a new release, well a couple of years old only. It's All Over was released on the ABC label in 1973 and is one of those tracks that when I got into the music I kind of dismissed as it was not a four to the floor stomper, it's a lot subtler than that. Thank god that my tastes evolved as this is just so so good.

Charles Mann - It's All Over


The Swede said...

A quality tune Drew.

JC said...

To these untrained ears, it is reminiscent of the sound of 70s Philadelphia.

drew said...

Well done, I'm impressed. We'll make a Soulie out of you yet JC. The track was recorded at the Sigma Sound Studios in Philly