Thursday 22 June 2017


I'm not sure why I haven't featured Daughter before as they are frequently on the turntable and I have often thought that they should be better known than they are (like featuring them on here is going to further that end much!).  I know that Walter has posted them once or twice and rates them quite highly. When I have seen them mentioned,  the article or review usually contains a comparison with The xx which I suppose is quite valid, however there is more to them than that whereas the xx have that sort of electronic feel, Daughter feel more organic with more than a hint of folk now and again in their sound and the distinctive voice of Elena Tonra,

To date they have released two very good albums and quite a few singles and eps. Today's track comes from one of my favourite releases, a US only 10",  The Wild Youth ep from 2011, the trio's second record.

I am not one for watching Channel 5, the likes of CSI, CSI New York, CSI Timbuktu or whatever are not the kind of thing that I get into but a year or so ago I happened to be away with work one Monday night and started watching an episode of Person of Interest which I actually really enjoyed.  So much so that when I was at home the following week I made a point of watching the next episode and then the next and then in the middle of the run the station decided to stop it for some reason. After a couple of weeks I decided to see if I could get the series on DVD and found the first four seasons could be purchased quite reasonably from eBay and the fifth and final one slightly more expensively than the other 4 together. So I decided to buy all 5 and have been watching them from the start for the past couple of months.and a few weeks ago Medicine by Daughter was used to great effect in one episode which got me looking back and remembering that there had been quite a few decent tracks used throughout the series, by the likes of Massive Attack, Mazzy Star, DJ Shadow and funnily enough The xx. The music is mostly very subtly used in the drama, never taking center stage, mostly in the background, sometimes to the fore but always very effectively.

I am still not wholly sure as to why this particular series grabbed me rather than others of note such as Breaking Bad as this kind of vigilante violence, conspiracy theory stuff  isn't really my bag but it did and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I am at a loss now that I have watched it all, I have been toying with going back to Twin  Peaks but the last time I tried I got bored. I have the feeling that I am not going to get much out of revisiting it. It could be time to binge on Northern Exposure again.

Daughter - Medicine


Brian said...

Two words. Janine. Turner.

drew said...

Brian, you nailed the appeal in two words. Do you remember a show called Key West with Jennifer Tilly, I loved that but it didn't last very long.. I think it was supposed to be Northern Exposure that transfered south.

Swiss Adam said...

Northern Exposure was ace, loved it.