Tuesday 6 June 2017


C mentioned today's track over at the WYCRA collective's bit a couple of Saturday's ago in the comments for The Saturday Song Challenge and I have to thank her because I had forgotten all about this brilliant slice of British Mod/Psych from 1968. It was the b-side of Path Through The Forest,  the first of group's two singles. I think Mr Weller may have been listening to this track prior to writing That's Entertainment as the intro bears an uncanny resemblance to it, well to me anyway. I once read somewhere that this was a cover of a Paul Revere and The Raiders song which is a load of bollocks as the track Gone by them is a cover itself of a country song from the Fifties*.

The Factory - Gone

* C in the comments has posted a link to the Paul Revere song Gone Movin' On and it would appear that the Factory did indeed cover Paul Revere and The Raiders and therefore not for the first time it is me talking bollocks. Thanks C


C said...

Many thanks for the mention, Drew, yes such a good song!
Interesting thing about Paul Revere & the Raiders, as you say, not a cover of the track they did which was also just called 'Gone' but have a listen to this....!

drew said...
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drew said...

Looks as though I was wrong, thanks for that C. I have never heard that before but if it is from 67 then the Factory song is a cover. I think I still prefer the Factory one.

C said...

Thanks Drew, all down to the Factory confusing things by calling it just 'Gone' and that being the title of a totally different PR & Raiders song as you say, instead of calling it 'Gone Movin' On' as in the original. (And I should probably get a life)
Def prefer the Factory too.

JC said...

Impressed at the way you poked fun at yourself there Drew. C must really know her stuff as I look upon you as being at the top of the class with this sort of stuff, and it's rare that call something wrong.

It is of course completely new to me, but rather wonderful to hear. Cheers the two of you.