Monday 22 May 2017

My Man, A Sweet Man

Some uptempo happy soul for you this Monday morning. No stories of no good men cheating on and walking out on their partners today or of wreckage left after bust ups. Nope, Millie Jackson seems to have found that one in a million guy who's always around when needed and doesn't go looking for a bit on the side.

My Man,  A Sweet Man was an early single by Millie Jackson, released in 1972 on the Spring label in the States and Mojo records this side of the pond. With a very upbeat Philly style backing this track could be considered a pop song if it weren't for Millie's gospel style vocals. One of those tunes that gets in your head and stays there, not a bad thing in this case.

Millie Jackson - My Man, A Sweet Man


The Swede said...

You're dead right - very catchy!

Brian said...

The sun is shining and I'm listening to Millie. Monday mornings don't get much nicer. Grinning from ear to ear.

Swiss Adam said...

Just what I needed.