Wednesday 15 June 2016

Al's Untouchables

Here is a bit of the rawest Garage rock that I have ever heard and it;'s magic. Basically just over two minutes of a guitar solo with some singing over the top. Al's Untouchables were the support band of choice for any major acts that stopped by their hometown of Grand Rapids Iowa in 1965/66 such as Ike and Tina Turner, Chuck Berry and the Dave Clarke 5 when they were still in high school, although they were all kicked out in 1966 due to their hair being "unfit". At this point they released their one and only single Come On Baby/Stick Around which had been recorded the previous year at Sound Studios in Chicago. After being kicked out of school they headed for Hollywood where they nearly signed a contract but would not agree to clean up their image and get hair cuts. True rebels. They then sacked their manager, Al (Huntzinger), the Al in the group's name and changed their name to The Orphans but that's a different story.

Al's Untouchables - Come On Baby

Al's Untouchables - Stick Around


Swiss Adam said...

Both new to me and both excellent indeed

Charity Chic said...

You're on a roll this week Drew

Brian said...

Incredible. New to me too.

JC said...

all of what the above chaps said.