Monday 1 February 2016


I bet I'm not the only person glad that January 2016 is now history. It has been a miserable month on a lot of fronts.

So how about starting February off with an absolute stormer of a rendition of the Bobby Hebb classic, Sunny by Marvin Gaye. This version for me is the definitive one which just oozes what sounds like effortless cool. Prior to it's inclusion  on Richard Searling's Tamla Motown Connoisseurs it incredibly was only ever available on a Marvin Gaye 4 disc compilation that by the turn of the millenium had been deleted. I would love this to be pressed up on "7 inch vinyl.

Marvin Gaye -  Sunny


The Swede said...

January was an absolute stinker, this tune is a great start to February though.
(I want that girl's shoes).

George said...

I asked my partner if she recognised who was singing. Dexys Midnight Runners 1st guess. Jimmy Somerville 2nd guess. She was wrong there.

drew said...

So do I Swede.

But did she like it George?

Brian said...

Way to get it going, Drew. Fantastic.

JC said...

I hadn't heard this before....could have sworn it was Sam's bloody marvellous.

From a personal point of view, February 2016 is likely to be just as awful as January 2016. A very good friend who has been fighting terminal cancer for more than two years is unlikely to see March.

I keep thinking it must get better at some point......