Sunday 28 February 2016

Mellow Sunday

I absolutely love this. You can find an extended,  self indulgent version of this live from Cyprus Avenue in Belfast recorded on  Morrison's 70th birthday last August on YouTube but for me this is the version. I am no literary expert but for me Desolation Angels is a better book than either Dharma Bums or On The Road.  Just saying like.


Walter said...

I agree - the original on his brilliant record Hymns To The Silence can't be beaten. Should grab out this record these days again.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd disagree about Kerouac. I prefer On The Road and Dharma Bums to Desolation Angels. I got lost a bit in Desolation Angels.
Swiss Adam

drew said...

I really enjoyed the contrast of the two parts of the book , the more contemplative first part and then the constant movement of the second.

Swiss Adam said...

I'll have to re-read it. When I get time.

Fat chance.