Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Afghan Whigs

So during my enforced absence from blogging I attended a few really good gigs. In fact I've been to more concerts during the first couple of months of 2014 than I did during the previous 6 months. On a very, very cold Tuesday in early February I forced myself into the car and headed to the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh to see The Afghan Whigs. If I hadn't been taking my mate I might just have stayed at home and listened to a couple of Whigs albums instead. If I had I would have missed a great gig but would probably have saved some of my hearing, jeez it was loud.

I had last seen Dulli and his merry band the previous July in the ABC in Glasgow and although the performance was very good that night the crowd were extremely subdued and the atmosphere therefor a little flat. No such problems in the Liquid Rooms both band and crowd were right up for it. The material was mainly from the latest album Do The Beast but most of the bands other albums were represented and as you would expect from Dulli, there were a few covers some in full, some mixed in with Afghan Whigs songs and a couple where just a couple of lines which has you racking your brains to remember where they are from. The covers are as eclectic as ever from Fleetwood Mac, through Led Zeppelin, Sylvan Esso, Jeff Buckley The Beatles and Bobby Womack.

A word of warning for anyone thinking of going to see the Afghan Whigs or any of Dulli's bands really, he does not take kindly to flash photography at one point he berated a member of the audience about it, the guy stupidly didn't listen and was on the end of the singer's wrath again not two songs later, either a very brave or stupid man as I've always got the impression that Dulli is not a guy to fuck about with.

Here is the final track from the Black Love album, recorded live in London last July on the previous tour, See how long it takes you to realise what the cover is at the beginning of the song.

The Afghan Whigs - Faded

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Brian said...

Sadly, I was well into the lyric before I knew the song. Quite a dramatic presentation by Dulli.