Monday, 30 March 2015

Ain't Love Wonderful!

Here's an upbeat piece of Detroit soul full of optimism and joy to start off the drudgery of the week. No tale of spurned love or cheating spouses here, no siree! Just one man singing, with some lovely harmonies of how wonderful love is.

Ain't Love wonderful, like many of the soul tracks posted here was the flip side.   The ballad, The Whole World Is A Stage was the first hit for The Fantastic Four, reaching the top ten of the R&B chart in 1967. It was released on Ed Wingate's Ric Tic label.

I have a feeling that if somebody called themselves the Fantastic Four and tried to release a record today they may encounter a litigation case being filed against them by a certain comic book publisher.

The Fantastic Four  - Ain't Love Wonderful 

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The Swede said...

Fantastic indeed.