Sunday 20 July 2014

Mellow Sunday

Listening to this piece of ambient tech house may not change your life but the soothing rhythms is not a bad way to waste ten minutes and kind of suits the muggy atmosphere that we are experiencing in central Scotland this Sunday afternoon.

Melchior Productions Ltd - The Blessing


Erik Bartlam said...

This is bulls****!!!

The thermometer never got over 80f yesterday and it was damp and grey like a dishrag.

You stole my weather...give it back.

drew said...

You still got the weather EF it was the high 70s only and we were melting!

george said...

Great weather here Drew. It rained for a minute, though, on saturday. By the way, have you got that Solomon Burker covers album yet?

drew said...

Not yet George. Other things above it on the list I will get there eventually.