Tuesday 15 July 2014

Say Yes!

 No this is not an advert for the Aye campaign in the upcoming Scottish referendum, however if they had adopted this belting tune, the title track from Comet Gain's 1996 "Say Yes To International Socialism" ep, I may well have been more susceptible to their arguments than I have been,  so far.

Last week the new Comet Gain album Paperback Ghosts came through the door courtesy of  the ever reliable Piccadilly Records and as usual it is excellent, music to make you sad, to make you happy, make you angry and make you dance , sometimes all within the same song. What more could you want from an album really. So I thought that by featuring one the many excellent singles from their back catalogue it may spur some of you to invest in their latest release.

There is a printed excerpt that comes with the single with a few paragraphs that are as pertinent today, sadly as they were back then before 13 years of a Labour government and four years of Gideon and Co at the trough. Did you know that Osbourne's best man personally pocketed 36 million out of the under priced sell off of Royal Mail?

It makes me wonder  . . . is there another way?

Here;'s the words:-

A Glimpse. .  .

Are politics more important than love? Would you agree never to fall in love again if it meant the miners winning in 1985 or a Labour victory with a socialist manifesto behind it? True socialism is a love of people, I guess. I'd hope our political ideas, values and principles sprung from the heart, the same place that my overwhelming pure and deeply felt love and emotions for individuals come from. It's not possible to hate our class/political enemies with the necessary intensity without having had the knowledge of a deeply profound love. I bet that sounds naive and the point is, of course, to put it into song with intensity and emotion.

In these desperate times, we've got to cling to anything/anyone who can provide the solace, inspiration or hope that there's more to life than grind and drudgery. That's why pop music means so much to our hope filled passionate hearts. I guess, a glimpse of not justy how great life could be, but what we all COULD be!

by John McLoughlan, "Save The Craven Cottage"

Say No! to the indulgences of the mainstream, corporate, conservative institutions, aesthetic bankruptcy and the media hegemony wrecking our football, films, music and all the great things WE create.

Say Yes! to the young dream, strong, hopeful and charged up art; our pop records are a direct route to your hearts and minds and the melancholic glory of all our lives.

Charlie Croker

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