Thursday 11 July 2013

Luton Again

When you are reading this I will be in Luton for some of that stuff that Mr H does so well. I can hardly contain my excitement as I type this at the thought.

Here is a bit of Rockabilly from a woman you wouldn't mess with, or "go home to with a burst pay packet" as we say up here, let alone cheat on.

Joyce Green - Black Cadillac


George said...

Thursday Rockabilly. Let's have some more.

davyh said...

'Some of that stuff Mr H does so well' - drinking??

Welcome back and all that.

dickvandyke said...

Thanks for the picture.
First time I've genuinely smiled today.


davyh said...

Rabbit is called...?

Swiss Adam said...

Rockabilly rabbit.

Rockabilly on Thursday? Unprecedented.

drew said...

The rabbit is a disgustingly manky but much loved dog called Rover which was his first toy. Rover has been blamed for many things by Leo over the years and has been responsible for a few heart stopping moments when I've thought that we had lost him.

It makes me smile too Dickie.

davyh said...

Oops, sorry Rover I tawt you woz a wabbit