Wednesday 24 July 2019

Greg Dull Covers

I think that today's cover is an interesting one and to be honest that I didn't realise was a cover if I'm honest, although the title was familiar.  Deep Hit Of Morning Sun was the opening on Primal Scream's 2002 album Evil Heat, not an album that I have listened to that often. In it's original form it is a trippy. psychy track with pretty rubbish lyrics. Dulli's version in his Gutter Twins guise with Mark Lanegan gives it the more straightforward rock treatment which I think works better but it is not outstanding or essential by any means. It was released as part of the Adorata digital only ep which consists of 7 covers and one original. The pick of the bunch is the Lanegan sung version of Duchess, penned by Scott Walker.

The Gutter Twins - Deep Hit Of Morning Sun
The Gutter Twins - Duchess  

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The Swede said...

To be honest, you could count me in even if Lanegan was just singing the phone book. 'Duchess' is particularly good though.