Friday 21 September 2018

It's Friday . . . Let's Dance

In tribute and on the back of SA's post on Rachid Taha I had intended on posting  a 12" single I have from the man from back in 1993 but I haven't gotten round to ripping it yet so here's something that has been posted a couple of times but still sounds absolutely astounding to me and am not ashamed to say  it reduced me to tears the first time I heard it and still makes me pretty emotional.

(Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind was first released on Strictly Rhythm records in 1993. It has been subsequently re released a few times with new mixes, none of which are a patch on the two mixes on the original twelve, the mix posted is the Night mix.

I once played this with the Fire Island's mix of Regret and Pete Heller's Big Love  and by the end the dance floor was full of people with huge grins on their faces having a ball, due to the quality of the music not my mixing skills I hasten to add.

To paraphrase Mike Skinner, with a big bag of pills and music like this blaring out of a PA, we could probably end all wars.

Back in the third tier of Scottish football, Airdrie have not made a great start to the season although they are sitting third in the table. The worst game so far would have had to have been against Raith Rovers at home when the Diamonds were cruising, three / one up with three minutes to go when the Rovers pulled another back. You know this isn't going to end well, Raith scored twice in stoppage time to give them the win. What made it worse was I had to drive JC to Motherwell to get his train, as he had came through to Lanark in the morning for a catch up and a lift to the game.

Tomorrow they are at home to Dumbarton and I will be hoping for better. Leo has given up and will be attending junior football, watching Lanark United, he has been invited to the match as part of a friend's birthday celebrations. I just hope he does not find it more entertaining than what he is used to at the Excelsior.

Have a good weekend people.

South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind


Anonymous said...

You say that but I still think the Fresh Fruit Deep mix is the one

Swiss Adam said...

A mighty tune.

Brian said...

Alert! Alert! A Friday dance song from Drew that I know! Me likey. This guy, Roland Clark, sounds like a long lost relative of Roland Gift. Off to get this body moving.

Plenty of season left for Airdrie to be the next Ayr United.

Unknown said...

cool post