Wednesday 21 March 2018

Yo! Ma Saint

I haven't been able to get this record out of my head ever since I first heard at on 6Music about a month or so ago. I love the Morricone(esque) guitar , the vocal back and forth between Michael Kiwanuka and the overall feeling of doom of the track.

Yo! Ma Saint is part of a three way arty project incorporating music, film and fashion. To be honest I hadn't even bothered seeking out the video until I decided on this post, since I bought the 7" and it all sounded a bit wanky to me and after watching the video I think that my initial thinking was correct but if you want to watch it click here. But below is the music without the visuals.


The Swede said...

Good call Drew. I've heard and enjoyed this a few times on 6Music myself.

C said...

This is great, right up my street, and I hadn't heard it before - thanks!