Tuesday 6 October 2015

More Garage Rock

After the relative success of last week's piece of US 60s garage. I thought that I would post another and see how this one goes down. Again it is a cover  by a forgotten bunch of kids, this time from Winsted, Connecticut. This interpretation of the Chris Kenner/Wilson Pickett classic at the time didn't even make it to a release. A handful of acetates were pressed and sent to local radio stations who responded with complete apathy,  a bit like you lot with Red Crayola a couple of weeks ago. So the acetates lay gathering dust until Crypt Records from Hamburg decided to press up the single along with Cry For The Trees recorded during the same session.

Btw - there is nothing wrong with the recording, there was no fluff on the needle when I was ripping the vinyl. It's supposed to sound like that. Brilliant isn't it.

Tyme  - Land Of One Thousand Dances


Simon said...

Brilliant stuff.

Brian said...

That's a bit of noise, innit? Great scream too. Perhaps the world wasn't ready for this version, but it sounds damn good today.

Walter said...

Absolutely brilliant, Drew