Monday 2 February 2015

I Love You Baby

Today's tune was number 429 in the original Northern Soul Top 500. An out and out dancer, originally released on the Veep label in 1967.  Cindy Scott also released music under her real name of Sundray Tucker and she can be heard duetting with Stevie Wonder on Ordinary Pain from the Songs In The Key Of Life album. She also has some quite famous relatives in soul music, her sister was Supreme, Lynda Lawrence ,  Bunny Sgler is a cousin as was Tammi Terrell.

Cindy Scott - I Love You Baby


Anonymous said...

I remember hearing this for the first time on one of the many Northern mix tapes my record store boss would play day in, day out. Interesting that the reissue cleverly uses the same overall design as the original Veep label.

drew said...

Hi Marie. the outta sight guys do that with all of their reissues but with the outta sight logo somewhere on the label.