Monday 16 September 2013

It Keeps Raining

Need I say more.

Oh, one thing, instead of putting on the heating, try putting on a jumper, it's not that bloody cold yet and it's not like British Gas or whichever robbing bastard of a utilities company you are at the mercy of needs the money.

Fats Domino - It Keeps Raining


e.f. bartlam said... would hate living with me. If it gets below 65 (f)...the heat is going on full blast. I can't take it.

We're still in the 90s (f) here though. So...we aren't running the heat.

Swiss Adam said...

Heating doesn't go on til the clocks go back. Try it every year, usually crack sooner into October than that.

George said...

Well my broken foot was wrapped in an electric foot blanket today. Electricity (and gas) come from the Co-op.

drew said...

How did you break the foot George?

davyh said...

A splendid record.

Don't want or need the heating on yet, but could go for a crackly log fire.

Darcy said...

Mrs Darce was feeling a bit peeky yesterday and it was a tad cool so I gave in and tried to put the heating on. It didn't work. Same thing as last year - the pump wouldn't kick in after being idle for a few months. Hit it with the rubber mallet but that didn't do the trick, time to get the engineer out. Good job we had this cold(ish) snap then, can get it fixed before we really need it.