Wednesday 29 May 2013

Alphabet Street

Alphabet Street was for me the last great Prince single, I quite liked Sexy M.F. but for me nothing after the lead single from Lovesexy ever came close to the very strange,  multi-instrumentalist's best output up until 1990.

I blame the Batman soundtrack, it all went a bit shit after that. I could be wrong but after a couple of the name changes and below par records I lost interest and have not really listened to anything since Musicology. He is still selling out tours and you can see his influence in artist such as Janelle Monae and any number of RnB acts but as an artist with vision who sets the trend, well I think that that is all in the past.

Sad really.

Thingy - Alphabet Street.


Swiss Adam said...

I was never a big fan but this is a very good record.

Walter said...

He made some good records and had influence to many band playing r'n'b in this time. Stopped follow him after Sign o' times. After that I noticed him only by changing his name or symbols.

Swiss Adam said...

There's a pretty awful Mary Chain cover of this isn't there.

drew said...

SA - oh yes!

e.f. bartlam said...

If I was only allowed one record, out of the 100's of classics, from the 1980' would be Perverted by Language with Purple Rain hidden in the sleeve.

That's what I think about Prince but, even I haven't bought anything since Sign O the Times.

He's still an untouchable performer though. I'm listening to him right now.