Wednesday 11 July 2012


I first became aware of S.C.U.M., bloddy terrible name,  earlier this year when they covered a track by Big Deal on a RSD single. Since then I have bought a couple of 12" singles both of which are pretty good. The band seem to me tyo be ploughing the same furrow as the Horrors and I would certainly not classify them as Shoegaze as I saw somewhere on the net. They have released four singles and one album and I'm sure I read somewhere that the album was being re-released which would be strange since it only came out last year.

Here is title track of their second single.

S.C.U.M. - Whitechapel


George said...

Good post yesterday, they can write some tremendous songs. Thanks for reminding me of them. Did you watch the "falsetto" programme on BBc1 last night? Excellent, up to point. Eddie (hey there lonely girl)Holman very entertaining.

Swiss Adam said...

Cracking song this, best one on the album

drew said...

George - I fell asleep in the middle of it. Had driven up from Manchester and was knackered.

SA - Is the album worth getting? Didsbury was very posh. I will be back down on 20th August if you're about for a pint.

Swiss Adam said...

Didsbury has gone up in the world, like a suburb of London now. 20th August should be good, think we are back from France by then, will write it on the calendar. Nothing happens in this house unless its written on the calendar