Thursday 26 January 2012

The KKK Took My Baby Away

Although we do have quite a few nutters in Lanarkshire,  I'm not sure that too many people will have found themselves in the same predicament as Joey Ramone. It appears that some fannies with a penchant for wearing white bed linen have abducted his girlfriend!

Stiff's older brother's son knew the names of the Ramones before those of the Teletubbies. Makes you kind of proud of the parenting skills doesn't it?

The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away


Scott said...

It should really be obligatory to know the names of The Ramones before the names of The Teletubbies.

Dirk said...

Isn't it already?

Anonymous said...

I saw them play live once , well almost saw them play live. Some friends from home came up to leeds when i was at poly to see the band. We got a bit carried away on the pre gig refreshment and then sat down on the floor at the back of the gig to continue drinking and paying little attention to what was going on onstage whilst the support band played. After 30 mins my mate commented that he thought it a bit cringeworthy that a support band would do a cover of the band they were supporting. At which point we all stood up to see someone on stage with a a Gabba gabba Hey sign abd the lead singer say thankyou and goodnight as the band wandered off. At which point the lights came up and everyone streamed to the exit

Dirk said...

Jesus, FORW, when was that? 1977? If so, the support band was Talking Heads, means not only did you manage to miss one of the great bands on earth, no, in fact you managed to miss two!

"Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune." ~Giuseppe Garibaldi

Swiss Adam said...

E.T. could identify Joe, Paul and Mick off the cover of the first Clash album at around the same age. One of my finest achievements