Monday 24 January 2011

That's The Way He Is

This is the first week since I started back after the holidays that I will not be thinking "jesus I wish it was the weekend". This week is not as hectic as the past two and a half  have been, I've only got one over night and I don't have to fly anywhere. On the downside I do have my line manager coming out with me to ensure that I am doing my job correctly. But compaired to last week it is a breeze.

So let's have a big, bold stomping piece of northern soul to start off the week. That's The Way He Is by Ann Perry is number 352 in the Northern Soul Top 500 and was released twice on the Theoda Records label, once in Detroit and then in Los Angeles and if you would like a copy of the single it will set you back about £150.

When I decided to post this I realised that I have never actually heard the vocal version of this track.

Ann Perry - That's The Way He Is (instrumental)

Now you've got to admit that that is a better way to start the day than listening to Chris Moyles.

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