Thursday, 25 June 2009

Giant Drag

When the NME tipped Giant Drag as one of the big things in 2006 they put the kiss of death on a promising career for the duo of Annie Hardy and Micah Calabrese. By this time they had already released an ep Lemona and an album Hearts and Unicorns but since then nothing. On their myspace page it says that the Swansong ep will be released soon, however since it was recorded last year I wouldn't hold my breath.

The album reminds me a bit of Belly mixed with elements of My Bloody Valentine especially the opening track Kevin Is Gay, which also illustrates my problem with the duo, the song titles. These include My Dick Sux (sic), You Are Full Of Shit and my favourite Yflmd (You Fuck Like My Dad), are they trying to be provocactive? Probably but to me it just comes across as being brattish. If you can get over this then the music is good, not earth shattering but pleasant enough and the album does contain a rather good cover version of Wicked Game by Chris Isaak.

Bit of trivia - Annie Hardy performed Just Like Honey with the Reid Brothers (no, not the Proclaimers, the other, disfunctional ones) on their reunion tour, let's hope it was better than the piss poor attempt by Scarlett Johanson, posted here a couple of months ago.

Giant Drag - This Isn't It

Giant Drag - Wicked Game

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