Saturday, 2 April 2011

"If You're Gonna Play It Out Of Tune, Play It Out Of Tune Properly" pt 6

Today we have a track that some of the more mature of you may remember from the heady days of the mid to late 80's when The Fall looked like they may become seriously popular with both albums and singles entering the charts. From June 1984 to January  1988 Smith and co released 8 singles, four of which were cover versions and most of which charted.

There's A Ghost In My House was released in April 1987 and I think is the first single that I bought by the band. I remember buying it as it caused more than a couple of arguments with the guys I was kicking about with as a couple of them so it as a heinous crime, one for which I think that if they had gotten hold of Smith they would probably have hung drawn and quartered him.

The Fall - There's A Ghost In My House

You see,  the song was considered a classic piece of northern soul in it's original form much beloved of mods and scooterboys alike.

Originally recorded by R Dean Taylor in 1965 for the Motown subsidiary VIP this single was famous for not only being the first release on the Motown labels by a non Afro-American but also by a non American as Taylor was Canadian. The single like so many other northern soul classics was a flop when released only to be championed nine years later in the UK by the northern soul djs and went on to reach number 3 in the charts.

R Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House

This was not the only track by Taylor that The Fall would cover, in 2001 the y also covered Gotta See Jane for the Are You Are Missing Winner album.

There is also a story that the Fall around the time of Hex Enduction Hour were about to sign for Motown until the rep for the record company heard the opening lines to The Classical which well and truly put the kibosh on that deal.


darkdance said...

You posted the same link twice, Drew. Double rums will do that to a chap.

I'm no fan of The Fall--they put on the most painfully loudest live show I ever saw--but I am rather curious to hear what they did to this song. Please adjust accordingly.

drew said...

darkdance - sorted now, it isn't that radically different just given the Fall treatment.

Sometimes they can be very loud live.

And it probably was to do with the rum last night

darkdance said...

Appreciation upon you, D. It isn't that radically different, you say? What we have here, it seems to me, is a goth anthem verses a 60's classic. I'll take the white walls and chrome along with another g'n't, thanks awfully.

darkdance said...

A day's wait... your favourite band's version is growing on me....

Anonymous said...


thanks for the track much prefer r d taylors version takes me back to the jukebox in the local amusement arcade where we used to play pool at night and the first two tracks i would put on are this and second that emotion by japan quite diverse but again maybe not

dont suppose you have it ?

he said tongue in cheek.

thanks again

son of the rock

drew said...

As a matter of fact I do SotR.

But as any soul fan will tell you it is a pale imitation of the original.

Anonymous said...

thanks drew

your a star

next time your off to luton @ silly time give me a shout & i will stand you a coffee @ the airport if i'm on.

cheers son of the rock